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Will Buford

Will Buford works at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America at Columbia University and is a second-year Master's student at the University's School of Social Work. He has volunteered with the Midnight Run homeless relief organization in New York City, the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans, and has worked with The Atlantic Philanthropies, an international foundation focused on issues relating to social justice. Will is proud to be running his second consecutive NYC Marathon, and his first in support of the Union Settlement Association and its work in East Harlem. Kate Buford, Will's mother, serves on the Union board and wrote Burt Lancaster: An American Life, the biography of the organization's most famous and supportive alumnus.


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $3,715

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Sponsor List: Robert Buford, Kate Buford, William Dellinger, Caroline Stern, Katherine Butterfield, Larkin Warren, Kevin Lee, Robert Herrmann, Lorna Fadden, Susan Davis, Martha Easton, Michael Walsh, Christopher Savarese, Barbara Iason, Janet Huege, Edward Scott-Hansen, Pat Armstrong, Maxine Rockoff, Peter Tavolacci, Blair Bennett, Valorie Iason, Robert S. Buford, Ronda Billig, Lucy Ricca, Judy Exton, Walter Montgomery, Esmeralda Santiago, Jamie Lee, Hayato Hoshino, Christeannette Urban, Samantha Pogue David Cope, Michael Crow, Allison Jeffrey, Peter Fazio, Abigail Asher, Allison Jeffrey, Mary Ross Fisher, Michael Valetutti, Raksha Kumar, Peter Fazio, Abigail Asher  

Donald C. Cutler

Donald C. Cutler is an analyst at Kekst and Company, a corporate and financial communications firm in New York City. Donnie previously worked for the Union for Reform Judaism, Religious Action Center and the Commission on Social Action. He currently serves as Steering Committee Member for the Reform Jewish Voice of New York State, which advocates for progressive social and economic policies at the state level. Along with his lovely wife Abby, he is an active member of Temple Shaaray Tefila on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The work Union Settlement does on a daily basis allows so many New Yorkers to meaningfully engage in the development of their community. Donnie is honored to train, raise funds, and run the ING NYC Marathon on behalf of this powerful and important fixture in New York City.


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $3,226.40

simple fundraisers

Sponsor List: Steven Scharf, Gina Anderson, Olivia and Andy Cohen-Cutler, Abby Cutler, Johnathon Wolfson, Anna Blumenfeld, Jordan Alexander, Louis Dobin, Janice and Stanley Goldstein, Molly Sandler, Jane Paley Price, Lynn and Daniel Van Engel, Jennifer Macksound, Dan Fisher, Jane Herman, David Schmier, Stefanie Rozen, Rabbi Asher Knight, Maria Feldman, Janice and David Zemel, Sally Cohen-Cutler, Emily Button, Benjamin Kallos, Brigitte Sion, Sarah and Steven Hoffman, Honey Heller, Danny Smith, David Ellowitch, Jackie Tropol, Maxine Rockoff, Naomi Adelson, Amy Farber, Nancy Schwartz-Sternoff, David Berkman, Jeremy Edmunds, Michael Chafets, Lynn and Daniel Van Engel, Olivia Jane Cohen-Cutler, Edward Gordon, Matthew Haiken, Debora Anisman, Lisa Rosenberg, Sapana Shende, Joanie and Richard Jackson, Mark Semer


Rossanna Echegoyén

While this is not my first marathon, it is a first in which I can make a difference and give back to my community where I live and work. I provide psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors providing Individual counseling, Family, Couples, Groups and Short-Term Health Workshops at our Mental Health Services Dept at Union Settlement Association. Certainly in these economic times, we’ve responded to the tightening budgets by finding creative ways for sustainability. I’m one of three Clinical Social Workers that provides psychotherapy services offsite at 3 different Senior Centers two days a week. In May, we opened a Satellite Clinic at JWJ Senior Center where I had been providing services part-time. This is just an example of responding to the demand in the community and thinking outside the box to survive in these economic times.

One of the mainstays of Union Settlement is a sense of commitment to the work that we do and how that is experienced by clients in our community. This is evident in volunteers that come forward and want to be connected with Union Settlement. I’m proud and honored to be part of the marathon team to improve access to services for East Harlem residents (my neighbors), but also remind the community of Union Settlement’s presence as we run past mile 19.


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $3,230

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Sponsor List: Elizabeth Hoffman, Joel Sanchez, Rita Guba, Peter Sultan, Blair Lee, Carlos Sanchez, Marria Mason, Arika Allen, Beth Robinore, Drs. Willa Cobert and Irwin Hirsch, Caroline Hoires, Jack O'Brien, Dr. Stefan Zicht, Laura Barbanel, Bernard Cooney, Rebecca Torres, Reverend and Ms. Carlos Alejandro, Robert Lopatin, Trish Gough, Sarah Muller, Cindy Brink, Maxine Rockoff, Julie Hyman, Louis Adler, Cartien Sanchis-Sinisterra, Beth Lawrence, Karen Smith, Tyesha Richardson, Chris Anderson, Roberto Cabrera, Naomi Hamby, Amanda Martinez, Marvin Ugarte, Maria Mercedes Martinez, Debora Worth, Stefan Zicht, Connie Koumjian, Ana Solter, Cristina Cabrera, Bonnie Miller-Ladds, Marantha Dawkins, Joennis Almeida, Mr. Sterling Gilreath, Mr. Henry Behnke, Howard Hughson, Julie Sahlein, Emylis Lozado, Devon McLeod, Natalie Ligonde, Michelle Williams, Sarah Thurmond, Jane Richardson, Katherine Wankel, Judy Stern, Naomi Marton, Sarah Thurmond, Naomi Marton 


Eli Gross

Please join me in supporting Union Settlement Association as I run the 2010 NYC Marathon. I am proud to be a member on the Union Settlement Board of Directors. USA provides critical services and support to the East Harlem community. Please let my fundraising (and not my finish time!) reflect the true support Union Settlement deserves.

Thanks very much,


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $5,582

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Sponsor List: Maxine Rockoff, Terry and Ron Kass, Diana Giddon, John Connor, Michael Feinsod, Edward Tawil, Ira Rousso, Lee Spiegler, Ira Mark, BJ Sara, David Hammond, Teddy Tawil, Jim Runde, Michael Ostad, Andrew Katz, Ofer Yardeni, Doris Taxin, Ken and Erica Bleznak, Joseph Turquie, Nelson Walsh, Danice Stores inch, Rajiv Bansal


Jasmine Shah

I am pursuing my Masters in Public Administration at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). The focus of my study is to understand the various facets of urbanization and develop a robust framework for urban policies in developing countries. I am a receipient of the Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship from India.

I am really excited to be running my first New York City marathon, considered to be the most exciting of all marathons in the world, and at the same time supporting the work of Union Settlement Association. Having worked for 3 years with Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy - an urban grassroots cum advocacy group in Bangalore, India  -  I am aware of the challenges of working at the grassroots with urban communities. The fact that Union Settlement Association has been doing this successfully for over 100 years and in one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of New York City is a tremendous achievement! I feel privileged at this opportunity to support the work of Union Settlement Association by running the NYC marathon 2010



Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $2,003

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Sponsor List: Lavanya Ravi, Maxine Rockoff, Vineeta Singh, Anuroopa Anantharathnaram, Ester Fuchs Victor, Gohar Sedighi, Shanthala Damle, Chayan Chatterjee, Ajith Radhakrishnan, Joanna Novick, Kunal Kunal, Omar A. Toro Vaca, Eli Ackerman, Kurt Pisani, Allie Meyer, Uthara Narayanan, Sandeep Krishnan, Alexandra Blair, Jocelyn Kane, David Barr, Rebecca Burton, Aditya Systla, Thejesh GN, Prashanth Veeranna, Venkat Durbha, Kartik Deshpande, Anuj Singhal, Sunil Sam Kurien, Chunxaio Fu, Ashutosh Wajkankar, Lawrence Liang, Sharath Coorg, Yanni Saleman, Sajid Shaik, Akhil Kumar, Indrani Balakrishnan, Aditya Challa, Rajesh Choudhary, Abhishek Gupta, Jasmine Shah, Velu Shankar, Kersi Wadia, Elisa Urena, Emily Ross, Akanksha Khatri, Victoria Pettibone, Navya Rehani, Sanjiv Rangrass


Amy Sherman

I’m really excited to be running the NYC Marathon. This was my first marathon back in 1993. I’ve done six more in various cities since then, plus numerous triathlons, but I always remember my first and only marathon experience in NYC.

It’s great to have the opportunity to run this course and traverse the five boroughs; it’s a truly unique experience to interact with spectators and racers in the different neighborhoods of NYC. So, it’s even more rewarding that I can run the NYC Marathon on behalf of Union Settlement Association, where I have served as a board member for the past five years. Union Settlement is a terrific social services organization that provides community-based services for youth, families and seniors in East Harlem. In short, Union Settlement is all about people in our City – just like the NYC Marathon.

I appreciate donations of any size. A few well wishes are appreciated, too!

Thanks in advance,


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $2,910

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Sponsor List:  Burt and Aunt Rea, Karen Ramsey, Rev. Joseph J. Echevarria Jr., Maxine Rockoff, Bernard Tubiana, Thomas Rosato, Dan Mchugh, Ranjit Bawa, Amgen Foundation, Ashish Midha, Peter Spenser  


Jasmine Davey and Lorcan Precious

Lorcan and I moved to NYC last December. I'm originally from the Northwest and urban jogging is one of the many ways I've learned to adjust to city life. Lorcan played professional basketball in Europe for five years and is now a manger at The Ginger Man, the famous mid-town beer bar. 

As an intern at Union Settlement, I've become familiar with how this organization creates opportunity for the people of East Harlem. Their comprehensive services and holistic approach help neighborhood residents build better lives for themselves and their families. I've been inspired by how Union Settlement responds to meet the needs of the community, for example, by offering Adult Ed. courses specifically designed for the new wave of immigrants from West Africa and the Middle East or by simply adding a sandwich to the Meals on Wheel delivery so Seniors that rely on this service can have two meals a day instead of just one. Lorcan and I are proud to be running our first marathons in support of Union Settlement and the East Harlem community. 


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $4,107

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Sponsor List: Maxine Rockoff, SA Gilliland, Daneil Wuebben, Nelson Lincoln, Nicole Jones, Walter Davey, Alison Zeigler, Andrea Swanson, Linda Solan, Judith Malone, Marian Precious, Rachel Precious, Thomas Haigh, Connie Wilson, Calude Keyzer, Barbara Lane, Steven Alvarez, Kim Jones, Kathleen Cain, Benjamin Villanti, Marian Precious, Marjorie Davey, John Robertson, American Pubs Inc., James and Dana Davey, Ali Davey, Jack Precious, Janet Hutchinson, Milena Robinson, Anonymous, Danielle Davey, Asa & Mike Bradley


Paul Ohan

Paul Ohan works at Polo Ralph Lauren as part of the Furniture Design team. He has also recently completed a Masters program at The New School where he received an MFA in Creative Writing. He and his siblings are the first generation in his family to be born in the United States. Having grown up in New York City, Paul is excited to run on behalf of an organization that fosters and encourages existing and bourgeoning communities that contribute to the eclectic roster of the city he lives in.


Amount raised as of 11/24/2010: $3,935

school fundraising ideas

Sponsor List: Maxine Rockoff, Venessa Raptopoulos, Khartoon Ohan, Vivian Lee, Steve Gray, Shira Gans, Maya Mitchell, Gabriela Ponce, Christopher Geheran, Abigail Struthers, Merita Rouge, Daniel McCann, Kathleen Linnance, Jack Ohan, James Wong, Jezzica Lindkrantz, Demian Mason, Lucia Yee-Lipiz, Deborah Rogers, Margaret Hoffman, Sergio Zerpa, Alexis Handwerker, Steven Giralt, Anthony Moreno, Andrea Harner, Benjamin E Sternthal, Calvin Churchman, Heidi M Golden, Stephen Earle, Kathleen Logan, Toi Frederick, David Schleifer, Amanada Verdon, Jennie Jamieson, Francis Guzzetta, Ani Sakayan, Cesar Piezas, Angie Sin Yan Lau, Brent Delf, Kyle Myers, Peter Hofmeister, Paul Wontorek, Jonathan Ringen, Elizabeth Candela, John Nordeman, Catalina Pieschanacon, Angela Mirro, Jessie Rosenstock, Nicholas Breslow, Obidimma Okabi, Jashua Shimkin, Sahar Rabadi


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