Let’s Fix It v.2

◦ Kids are less than ½  as likely to pass state tests.

WHAT WE DO: Each year, our Youth Services division provides robust afterschool and summer education, arts and recreation programs for 2,250 eager and energetic children, teens and young adults, from kindergarten through high school.



  • Two steps west and two blocks up, the average life expectancy drops by 9 years (1675 3rd Ave)



Union Settlement provides nutritious meals and healthy activities to to approximately 2,175 local seniors each year.



  • Just 4 blocks north of here 4X as many people are unable to find a jcob (1644 3rd Ave)



Our Career Academy program supports young adults ages 17 to 24 who are neither in school nor employed, and in many instances coping with complex barriers to employment.  The program prepares participants for the world of work, places them in jobs and helps them to stay employed.



  • Just 5 blocks uptown, you are 3X less likely to have a 4 year college degree (1622 3rd Ave) 



Founded in 1964, our College Readiness program has provided more than 20,000 low-income students with guidance and encouragement to pursue higher education. We provide college and financial aid counseling, tutoring, SAT preparation, college trips and summer enrichment programs. 



  • 6 blocks north of here, the average household makes $95,000 less (181 E 90th St – across from Chase bank)



The Union Settlement Business Development Center assists new entrepreneurs and existing small businesses, many of which are struggling, with business education, technology training and technical assistance. 



  • An 8 minute walk north of here 37,517 more people rely on food stamps to feed their families (1585 3rd Ave – across from bagel place)



One of the area’s largest adult education providers, we are committed to helping our neighbors take vital steps toward achieving their educational and career goals.  We give individuals the opportunity to improve their English language skills, earn their high school diploma and prepare for careers.  



  • Just 9 Blocks north of here almost 2X as many people don’t have insurance for medical care (1550 3rd Ave –across from hospital)






  • A 10 minute walk north of here the average wage barely covers groceries (200 E 87th St across from Whole Foods 






  • 9 blocks north of this theatre 6,500 more children live below the poverty line (184 E 87th St)



Union Settlement is the seventh largest provider of early childhood education services in New York City, serving almost 700 children each year with a program focused on cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development. 



  • 9 blocks uptown, the average life expectancy drops by 9 years (1530 3rd Ave)






  • Just 10 blocks north of here, 20x as many families don’t have a place to call home (201 East 86th St)



We serve homeless individuals and families across our programs, helping them avoid poverty and homelessness, and supporting parents as they look for housing and work, secure in the knowledge that their children are in a safe, educational environment.



  • Take a short 11 minute walk uptown and the diabetes rate is 4X higher (1525 3rd Ave)



We offer a broad range of health screenings and health education programs, and we serve about 500,000 nutritious meals per year.



  • Head west,  go 11 blocks north, teens are 27% less likely to get a high school diploma (206 East 86th St)



Our high school afterschool and College Readiness programs serve hundreds of local high school seniors each year, helping them complete graduation requirements and navigate the college selection, admissions and financial aid processes.



  • Just 10 blocks north of here the average household makes $95,000 less  (50 East 86th St across from Chase bank)





Union Settlement has been in East Harlem for 125 years, serving low-income residents with vital education, wellness and community-building programs. We serve community members from infancy through old age, working hard to overcome the inequities that separate East Harlem from surrounding communities. But we can’t do it without your help. Together we can fix it.