Privacy Policy

Union Settlement retains the names and contact information of its donors in order to acknowledge donations that have been received, and to communicate with donors about our programs and activities and for the purpose of future funding solicitations.  All such information is contained in a secure, password-protected database that is not accessible to the public.  Union Settlement does not publish or otherwise make public the addresses, phone numbers or other personal information about its donors, either on its website or in any other publication.  Union Settlement’s annual report includes the names of its donors as an acknowledgement of their generosity to the organization, but donors may request that their names be excluded from that listing.  Union Settlement does not lend, lease or sell its donor list to any other entities.

On an annual basis, Union Settlement provides new and continuing donors with a means for indicating that they do not want their names shared outside the organization.  In addition, at any time donors may contact Union Settlement’s Development Office at 237 East 104th Street, New York, New York 10029, or by emailing, and can:

(1) request an opportunity to review any personal information that has been collected;

(2) request corrections to that information; and/or

(3) indicate that they do not want their names shared outside the organization.