2020 Toasting Awardee

Milbank LLP

Founded in 1866, Milbank is an international law firm headquartered in New York City. With 12 offices and over 700 attorneys worldwide, Milbank handles high-profile, complex cases and business transactions.

Milbank has a long history as a leader in pro bono work.  From early in the 20th century, Milbank partners built, led and advocated for organizations like The Legal Aid Society and Legal Services Corp., which form the cornerstone of pro bono legal advocacy today. Milbank is one of the few firms to require their attorneys in every practice area to dedicate 25 hours minimum to pro bono work annually. In 2018, their attorneys globally contributed 53,000 pro bono hours.

Milbank has provided longstanding advice and counsel to Union Settlement for the past 10 years on a wide variety of pension-related issues. We are particularly grateful to Milbank attorneys Joel Krasnow, Collin Peck, Alan Schacter, and Yaakov Sheinfeld for their guidance of legal matters.

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