Fall 2017 Newsletter – Meals on Wheels



Providing services to seniors has long  been a critical priority of Union Settlement, and Meals on Wheels has been part of that mission for over 40 years.

David Villega had worked in our Meals on Wheels program since 1992 preparing and personally delivering meals to seniors. After 26 years serving our community’s homebound neighbors, he retired this past August.

It is a very important program for this community,” said David. “A lot of seniors don’t get any food, or see anyone else throughout the day. Many times I was the only other human they would see for weeks.”

Our Meals on Wheels program currently serves approximately 520 homebound seniors each day. These members of the community include people from a variety of backgrounds. David recalled befriending seniors who came from all sorts of careers, “from dancers, to doctors, to people who worked in the movies.” 

He went on to add: “I enjoyed all of my time with them, and will never forget it.”