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Enhancing the economy and commercial vitality of East Harlem.

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What We Do

Our Business Development Center offers business and technology education. Our classes are offered at beginner and intermediate levels in English and Spanish. We provide access to capital and sound business development assistance to maintain, expand or create new business in our neighborhood.

Services & Programs

The Business Development Center provides a wide range of free or low-cost technology and business education services. Classes are catered to beginner and intermediate skill levels, and most are offered in both English and Spanish.

Technology Courses

We offer computer education classes in both basic computer literacy and more advanced software. Courses include training in Microsoft Suite (Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) and Quickbooks. To register for upcoming classes, complete the Computer Education Registration Form.

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Business Literacy

For aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in East Harlem, our business education courses provide skills training and professional development. To register for any business classes, complete the Business Education Registration Form.

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East Harlem 360°

East Harlem 360° is a community development program intended to revitalize the local economy and trigger economic growth in East Harlem. The East Harlem 360° program is being conducted in collaboration with two other local organizations – Hope Community and Uptown Grand Central – and is funded by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) Neighborhood 360° grant program. Read the press release here.

Office open Monday through Thursday 9:00am- 3:00pm

Administrative Assistant

Jannette Diaz
(646) 545-5204

Director of Business Development

Edwin Nieves