Rising Stars

The Rising Stars program provides arts, literacy and physical recreation activities to more than 200 participants between 5 and 12 years old every year.

Equipped with a dedicated staff the program allows young people to develop their academic and artistic skills and proudly displays their achievement with ongoing events. Like all Youth At Union programs, Rising Stars uses a strength building Youth Development approach to curriculum design and activity implementation.

The Rising Stars program serves as the platform for youth to begin participating in Youth At Union programs. Emphasizing strengths to reach new heights the program is staff by Group Leaders and Activity Specialist trained to meet and address the needs of each participant. Our After school programs offer children ages 5 to 12 a fun, stimulating environment where individual growth and development in a group setting is encouraged. Currently housed in two sites, Washington Community Center and Leggett Memorial Center, classrooms are equipped with computers, educational games, science sections and other educational tools. Each year these tools are used by the participants and staff to learn, grow and have fun. The staff composes themes and the children use the resources to further their knowledge about a wide array of topics.

In the summer Rising Stars takes to the streets of New York City. Each year the program benefits from the many cultural and educational institutions located in New York City. The participants journey and explore some of the most historical and well-known places throughout the five boroughs. At the end of the summer they display their findings at the YAU Block Party. Also during the summer, participants take part in Theme Teams, summer-long multidisciplinary, hands-on, literacy-building projects organized around a specific theme, such as the Human Body.