East Harlem Teen Health Project

About the Teen Health Project

Our office is located at the Washington Community Center (1775 3rd Avenue at 98th Street) and our staff facilitates workshops both at the center and different locations in the area, including schools and other organizations.

Our mission at THP is to help reduce the rates of teen pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, and STIs in East Harlem via community awareness, educational workshops, and events. We periodically conduct parent workshops, financial literacy courses, healthy living courses, and college trips for our teens. We also offer a paid internship to a group of teens, every 6 months, to be a part of our Teen Health Council. The council consists of 12 peer leaders who help organize and facilitate community events, as well as host “information parties” for their friends.

The Teen Health Project is an evidence-based program, which means it has been proven to work and has shown to contribute to the reduction of pregnancies and rates of HIV/AIDS among teens. According to the Department of Mental Health & Hygiene, East Harlem has the highest rates of teen pregnancies, HIV/AIDS & STIs among teens, in all of Manhattan. We are proud to be serving the East Harlem community, especially seeing as how alarmingly high these rates are.

Our workshops are up-to-date, media-based, extremely interactive, and every “THP Graduate” will get a gift bag full of goodies! Join the movement to make a difference in East Harlem and apply today!

Want to Get Involved?

Your child must be in Middle School, High School, or out of school, ages 11-19, and a current East Harlem resident or student– in order to be considered eligible for our program.

To join, please download this form, save it on your computer, and email it as an attachment to: EastHarlemTHP@us.gbtesting.us. You can also print the completed application and bring it to the Washington Community Center. We will then contact you shortly to arrange the best workshop date for your child and/or their friends.

For more information about our program, or on how to attend any of the workshops we offer, please visit our Facebook page, call our office  at (212) 828-6125, or contact the Program Coordinator, José Martin Garcia Orduña, at JOrduna@us.gbtesting.us.